Anti-Skid Floor Coatings

AntiSKID flooring can be textured to almost any level which allows you the opportunity to set the level of slip resistance.

With our diverse range of water based, epoxy & polyurethane coatings we can design an AntiSKID solution specific to a particular area or constant across the entire surface.

Dependant on the level of slip resistance required we will either use standard products with AntiSKID additives or with the inclusion of commercial “fillers” we can make the slipperiest surface safe for any type of traffic.

Through our ongoing work with many local councils we have been constantly developing new treatments & solutions for AntiSKID products. To date we have successfully applied coatings to almost every surface imaginable.

A few examples of recently completed projects below may help to highlight the possibilities:

  1. Mild steel checker plates at Koala crossings for Transport SA to prevent children slipping.
  2. Epoxy coating over plastic pontoon decking at St Kilda to remove slip hazards for people launching watercraft.
  3. AntiSKID treatment to the One & All Tall Ship which also acts as a waterproof membrane to protect from slips, falls & the damage of salt water attack.
  4. Public toilet facilities for the Salisbury, Prospect & Onkaparinga Councils.
  5. Commercial & residential swimming pool surrounds.

If you have a slippery floor, let us help in designing an AntiSKID solution before someone gets hurt!

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