Salt Attack Prevention & Repair

Do not let your pool become a victim of salt attack!

The damage caused by salt attack around swimming pools can be catastrophic but thankfully we can assist in assuring this type of damage never occurs to your pool surround and coping.

We are currently recommended by the following companies to provide treatment to their pool copings & surrounding paving:

  • Freedom Pools
  • Hewnstone
  • UrbanStone
  • Australian Paving Centre
  • Dave Jack Paving & Landscaping
  • Scott Morrison Paving & Landscaping

Below are a few examples of the damage SALT WATER can do to even the best of paving products.

The reason salt attack causes so much damage is that once a salt crystal rehydrates after drying out it can expand upwards of 200 times its original size. That means that if it gets into a tiny space/hole in the paver surface (can be as small as a pin end) & is allowed to re-hydrate, which is unavoidable, then you are most likely going to have problems in long-term.

The solution is as simple as a 2 stage treatment process with either a Klen International Natural Penetrative or Gloss Surface Sealer. Take a look at our ‘Paver & Concrete Protection’ page for more information.

Capture1If you suspect your pavers are the victim of salt attack we can find a solution. Whilst we can not turn back time we can treat the area to ensure no further damage occurs.

But as always PREVENTION is better than CURE…and a lot cheaper!