Anti – Graffiti Coatings

SA Protective Coatings are specialists in the application of anti-graffiti coatings. As displayed in the below photos, no job is too big.

anti_img_01 anti_img_02

There are many products available on the market ranging form very good to very ordinary. We currently use only 2 products we believe as the best opn the market:


GRAFFITI GOLD – Graffiti is cleaned off with metho, water based cleaning agents (handy Andy or the like) or High Pressure Cleaning. This coating will last for up to 100 APPLICATIONS of graffiti.

GRAFFITI GOLD can be applied to almost any surface (steel, concrete, plastic, vinyl, cement sheeting etc) with flexibility properties that allow it to move with the substrate. Even vinyl side curtains on trucks & trailers are no problem.

We commonly supply & apply GRAFFITI GOLD for councils, businesses, schools & community groups worried about needing to use EXTREMELY aggressive cleaning agents to remove graffiti. Even some anti-graffiti coatings require cleaning with these types of Class 3 chemicals.


GRAFFITI SILVER – Graffiti is cleaned off with Xylene or a like product. Typical life cycle is around 5-8 years dependant on the volume of graffiti it is subjected to. It is a cheaper price point that GRAFFITI GOLD but for areas of less likelihood of attack it provides an extremely effective safe guard.

The 2 best things about using anti-graffiti coatings is that once graffiti has been applied it comes off easily & secondly we have found that our coatings act as a visual deterrent. Since we completed the Prospect Oval, there have been no episodes of graffiti (previously that area got badly graffitied every weekend without exception). When they know their “tags” will be easily removed the next day the thrill is gone! Previously the Prospect Council was spending upwards of $3000 per month on repainting, maintenance & cleaning of the area……this on going cost has know been largely eliminated as the undesirables no longer hang around the area.