Steel – Wear & Chemical Protection

When it comes to protective coatings for protecting steel & keeping chemicals safely contained there are rarely second chances. That’s why we take the time to understand project specifications before making any recommendations.

By utilising our experience & consulting the hundreds of years of experience from our suppliers we are able to develop a system that meets requirements & lasts to expectations.

Examples of solutions to do date include:

steel_imagesHydrochloric Acid Containment

In this project for Incotec Pivot we needed to design a system which would both resist hydrochloric acid & also offer rust protection in an extremely corrosive environment.

Steel & Vermin Protection

steel2We were asked to consult on an ongoing issue faced by a leading grain company with deteriorating seals (normally repaired yearly) allowing rodents & insects easy access to grain stored in corrugated tanks at the concrete/steel seam. After trialing several options we were able to specify a rubber system which is applied directly over the delaminating joint. Life expectancy – 10 years plus.

Steel Protection – Corrosion & Impact

steel4In this case a semi-trailer was being severely corroded by its daily cargo of chicken offal & feathers. The answer was shot blasting the inside of the trailer to create a “key” followed by the application of a two part epoxy coating at a nominal thickness of 500 microns. Since its re-introduction to the fleet the results have been fantastic with no sign of coating wear. This coating is available in almost ANY colour.

Aluminium Repair/Protection Systems

stell_1A leading transport company in Adelaide faced issues with pallet impact causing major damage to the interior of their trailers. Whilst replacement of entire sections was extremely costly we were able to repair the sections at a cost of less than $800. The biggest advantage is that the repaired areas are now significantly stronger than the original trays & are showing no signs of wear!

Oil & Acid Containment

steel6An extremely simple solution to a significant on-going problem for a local council. Simply by densifying & sealing the concrete we were able to create a permanent seal against future damage & staining. This area will now be used for many years to come for storing batteries, acid tanks, and oil deposits. Life expectancy – 15 years plus

Acid Protection

steel7These 2 x 300,000ltr tanks store waste products from the manufacture of fruit juices & milk products. Due to the high acidity of these bi-products the previous linings were breaking down annually causing costly downtime repairs. Through densifying & sealing we were able to strengthen the surface of the concrete by almost 300{e5e2139d62395e98ab5388c96af5e6186e33364c9dfbd8a73e3932ebc2d27a85} to stop moisture penetration & prevent future damage. Life expectancy – 15 years plus.

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